Industrial Spray Nozzles / Fabricated Nozzle Lances & Spray Header Bars

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Fabricated Nozzle Lances & Spray Header Bars

We design and fabricate a wide variety of lances/injectors for demanding environments and challenging physical spaces.
Whereas a header or spray bar is a pipe containing multiple nozzles, a lance is a pipe in which one nozzle is attached to the e
nd of it (see photos). The lance can then be inserted into the target area. This could be a tank, a larger pipe, or a gas or fluid system. The purpose of the lance is to spray at a specific target (such as to clean a tank) or inject fluid into the system (such as gas conditioning).
We can fabricate a nozzle lance to perform any spray requirement for you purpose.

Insulated, water- or steam-jacketed lances for high temperature applications
Retractable lances to avoid process interruption
Desuperheating lances for reduction in steam volume