Lighting Products / LX-KZ-002

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Features & Benefits

  • Power
  • Input voltage - DC5V
  • Light color
  • Beam angle
  • Control mode - DMX
  • Product dimensions - L93*W79*H40mm

Product Description:
The USB protocol and the output signal for the DMX512 signal. It can be directly connected to the USB interface, can control the channels of a DMX line 512. If 512 channels are not enough, some software can drive up to 10 USB-DMX conversion interface can control up to 5,120 channels.

Basic parameters:
Model: LX-KZ-002
Supply voltage: DC5V
Supply Current: less than 300Ma
Power: <3W
Control signal: DMX512
Number of channels: 192/512/1024/1536CHS (optional)
Weight: 0.2kg

Technical parameters
International standard DMX512 signal output can be connected to the computer with professional software editing effects, but also the storage effect to the controller to run offline.
Using the software:
1.Easy Stand Alone Software
2.ESA Pro, software
3.Sunlite Suite 2 software
- Compatible with 32/64 computer
- 2 DMX domain (can be extended to 3)
- 1 Offline the DMX domain (expandable to 2)
- Expandable memory
- Replace the battery
-DMX output frequency can be set free
USB1.1 and 2.0 compatible
DMX chip - can be replaced
- To upgrade the firmware
With a three-core or five-core XLR connector.
USB interface, the USB standard defines a new means of communication, as well as a new interface technology. This standard was introduced in 1997, was extended in 1999. The USB standard has a variety of standards does not have the advantages. The most significant advantage is that it does not require a power supply, multiple devices can be connected in series, to support "hot plug".