Lighting Products / LX-DU-001

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Features & Benefits

  • Power
  • Input voltage - DC12V
  • Light color
  • Beam angle
  • Control mode
  • Product dimensions - L146mm*100mm*32mm

Product description

Address the reader is used to change the company's production lighting DMX address can be achieved to the lamps address read or modify。
Basic parameters:
Model: LX-DU-001
Supply voltage: DC5V
Supply Current: less than 300Ma
Power: <3W
Control signal: DMX512
Weight: 0.5kg

Technical parameters

Built-in standard DMX512 protocol (1990);
DMX512 decoder module channel address code to write or read, all DMX fixtures to support the company;
LCD display the address code.
12 separate buttons, more convenient operation
External 5V independent power adapter