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Junction Box

Aquascape Junction Boxes are of cast bronze, stainless steel fitted and with a Neoprene cover gasket. Outlet is NPT tapped for Aquascape ½” or ¾” NPT Cord seals and for internal and external (earth) connections.Aquacape Junction Boxes must be installed in conformance with all applicable electrical codes. The conduit connection(s) as well as cordselas must be installed with approved water sealing thread seal.

  •   All Tapings are NPT unless specified
  •   Otherwise conduit number and size must be specified
  •   Outlets must be specified as to number and size (½” or ¾”)
  •   Orders without outlet specifications will be supplied with maximum number of ½” NPT outlets
  •   Unused openings must be closed with brass or stainless steel NPT threaded plugs

Cordseals are made of brass or 304 stainless steel and fitted with neoprene gland. All coardseal can be supplied at extra cost. Cordseals are used to connect most the submersible light fixtures and junction boxes.