Fountain & Water Features / Foaming / Spume Nozzle Type 2

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Foaming / Spume Nozzle Type 2


Design/Application Data: A column of Frothy, aerated water, Recommended for small and medium displays in shallow pools. Beautiful when lighted. Jet has low profile and neat appearance. No constant water level is required. Specification Data: Brass or Stainless Steel fully machined grade with internal air/water ration adjustment. Foam jets produce a solid, foamy water column with minimum flow requirements and without the need of linear water supply. These jets have become extremely popular in the last decade being the most versatile and costeffective solution for a multitude of applications. The highly aerated water figure created by Foam jets is not water level dependent and thus surprisingly steady and lively. In addition, these nozzles behave amazingly well to sequencing effects (choreographies) deploying their full foam effect in a fraction of a second.

  •  Solid, Foamy Water
  •  Highly Aerated
  •  Amazing Choreography Behavior
  •  Heavy Duty Machined Construction
  •  Highly Visible & Wind Resistant
  •  Water Level Independent
  •  Water supply to the jet must be linear, non-turbulent
  •  Highly efficient nozzle